March 2007





The nature-inspired shade brings the tabletop to life with dinnerware from America’s most

time-honored pottery maker

Newell, WV—(March 11, 2007)— FIESTA® Dinnerware goes ‘green’ with the introduction of Evergreen at this week’s International Home & Housewares Show, Chicago, Illinois, Sunday, March 11 through Tuesday, March 13, 2007. True to its nature-inspired ‘roots’, the Evergreen FIESTA® Dinnerware collection will bring the warmth of the outdoors to the top of the table.

"Colors ignite emotion," says Judi Noble, art director at The Homer Laughlin China Company™. "Evergreen is an earthy color that’s both warm and comforting," she says, "making it a perfect addition to the tabletop and the FIESTA® brand of dinnerware."

Marking the 14th – and latest – shade in the FIESTA® color story for 2007, Evergreen complements the standard palette beautifully: Black, White, Evergreen, Cinnabar, Cobalt, Turquoise, Persimmon, Sunflower, Plum, Scarlet, Shamrock, Tangerine, Peacock and Heather. With the introduction of Evergreen, Periwinkle Blue retires, becoming the newest collectible FIESTA® color.

Evergreen FIESTA® will be presented at the International Home & Housewares Show at McCormick Place, South Building, Homer Laughlin™ Booth #S2005.

Ever-so green, Evergreen

Evergreen by Homer Laughlin™ is ever-so true to its backyard – and holiday – inspiration. "Evergreen is a powerful, cool and clean color," says Noble. "It works well with a combination of other FIESTA® colors, as well as a stand alone." Noble works with a team at the company’s manufacturing headquarters in Newell, West Virginia, solely dedicated to ensuring that each color introduction is as complementary as the next to the set standard color palette for the FIESTA® brand.

Exactly opposite to red on the universal color wheel, Evergreen presents another opportunity: a festive table setting during the holidays with select pieces of Scarlet FIESTA® Dinnerware.

Other grassy notes from the FIESTA® brand

Evergreen is not the first ‘grassy’ note from FIESTA® Dinnerware and Homer Laughlin™.

The company went ‘green’ in 2002 with the introduction of Shamrock, which remains a constant in the company’s standard color palette. "It’s not only about introducing a new color," says Rich Brinkman, vice president of sales and marketing for The Homer Laughlin China Company™, "it’s about offering variety…something FIESTA® brand enthusiasts expect and long for each year. When a new color is introduced, there is an immediate desire to add it to their existing everyday dinnerware collection from Homer Laughlin™."

Now retired from the FIESTA® brand of colors, but still highly collectible among enthusiasts and ‘green’ are Sea Mist, Turf Green, Medium Green, Chartreuse and Forest Green; evergreen can be combined with any of these like colors to create a monochromatic setting – Sea Mist as a first recommendation with new Evergreen, and as an alternative, Chartreuse.

Other FIESTA® botanicals

Colors inspired by nature can create an earthy ambiance that is both soothing and inviting—two qualities that are always welcome in busy American homes. "Blue greens have a sense of nature at its best," says Noble. Complementing the color family and still considered botanical inspired are FIESTA’S® Sunflower, Tangerine, Persimmon and Plum.

"Again," says Brinkman, "It is about complementing the color palette."

The ‘green’ movement

Going ‘green’ not only embraces earthy colors, but also prints and fibers. Today’s designers are driven by natural elements, materials and forms – pottery not excluded. The Homer Laughlin™ tradition of pottery making dates back more than 100 years, and embraces the true art form – designs formed by the hands of talented artisans.

The tradition continues today with handcrafted designs by true craftsman – only manufactured using computerized kilns, state-of-the-art production facilities and decorating equipment.

Evergreen FIESTA® color will be available in-store and online as early as June 2007. For more information, visit or call 800.452.4462.

The suggested retail price for the evergreen FIESTA® 4- and 5-piece place settings is $43 MSRP. In addition to the place settings, the FIESTA® line includes plates, platters, bowls, cups, vases and the signature disc pitcher, flower pots and saucers.

About Fiesta® Dinnerware

Designed by Frederick Hurten Rhead in 1936, FIESTA® Dinnerware is now the most collected china in the United States and among the most collected china in the world. It has been featured on many popular TV programs, including ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover and the Today Show. The product was discontinued in 1973 and reissued in 1986 with new contemporary colors to mark its 50th anniversary. Its unique Art Deco style has landed FIESTA® Dinnerware in the collections of numerous museums from the Smithsonian Institution to the Andy Warhol Museum.

About The Homer Laughlin China Company™

The Homer Laughlin China Company™, headquartered in Newell, West Virginia, is the largest domestic producer of china dinnerware in the United States. The company’s distinctive FIESTA® brand is featured on dining tables across the country and coveted by a large, enthusiastic group of collectors. For additional information, please visit the Homer Laughlin™ Web site at