The Ameriwhite® Collection offers a neutral white body that provides
 enhanced chip/impact resistance and superior heat retention.
It is finished in a abrasion-resistant mirror glaze.


Pure White, Pure Space, Pure Style.  Alexa makes any setting more beautiful! Lead Free & Made in the U.S.A.

Elegantly thin and light, yet ruggedly chip resistant, durable Alexa will make your bottom line as attractive as your tabletop, twenty-two items are offered in the line including a universal saucer design that fits all cups, bouillons, stack bowl, mug and fruit. 

Simple, pure bright forms explode with endless possibilities for multi-layering to create unique tabletop presentations.  New reduced weight contributes to the ease of handling and stacking items offer maximized storage capacity.   Click here for details on the line.


New!  The Homer Laughlin China Co. transcends European elegance with the introduction of Kensington™, the newest shape from the Ameriwhite® Collection.  Distinguished by its architectural design and genuine Alphalain® body, Kensington® offers enhanced chip resistance, durability and superior heat retention.


An American-made pure white embossed china shape
created with the culinary artist in mind.

Bold and dramatic, Milford® is contemporary china at its finest. Wrought from the purest clay in the world, Milford® offers clean, crisp lines.

Simple and understated, Pristine® is setting a new standard for American-made white china.

Desert Winds

Captures the essence of sculpted dunes and frames your meal presentation
with subtle curves and embossed flourishes.