ANNOUNCEMENT - March 28, 2002



We’ve changed our minds….


After hearing from many of you, we have decided that we will not retire the ROSE Fiesta color this year after all.


Instead, YELLOW will be retired by the end of 2002. 


Actually, a lot of factors entered into this decision, including the fact that the next color introduction will not be in the pastel color palette as originally planned.


Also, sales of YELLOW have declined more quickly than we expected, after the introduction of Sunflower last year.


Most importantly, ROSE remains a strong home decorating color, which prompted many of you to urge us not to retire the color at this time.


Lastly, we hope this news reaches you before your color plans for next Fall and beyond are locked in place.


We sincerely thank all friends of Fiesta for caring enough to offer your input in selecting the Fiesta color palette for 2003 and beyond.