The award winning design staff of Homer Laughlin China creates over 1,500 custom designs and samples every year for many restaurants, hotels and clubs around the world. Whether coordinating with the interior design themes of a multi-facility operation or complementing the ambiance of an exclusive restaurant, our collective artistic expertise is brought to final production through advanced decorating techniques and hand craftsmanship. Our designers and engineers have worked together to advance the use of lead-free decorating materials, modern manufacturing techniques, precious metals, exclusive one-fire processes and complex molds. Those emerging technologies, combined with the time-honored craft of pottery, can open new vistas for expression and deliver quality product orders at affordable pricing.   Click here for information on our unique Custom Embossed Service Plates.

The Art Department at Homer Laughlin China, directed by Judi Noble, has won many design awards including the SGCD Discovery Award and the Vandenoever Award. The Custom plate (above) was created for the Westin Wine Program. Although this plate is not available to the public, it demonstrates the complex design and technical abilities of the Homer Laughlin China Art Department.